Heard of Us?

If you've heard of Modiot Labs, it's probably because of FloatHub®, our flagship product. FloatHub is an internet connected device that monitors marine vessels and their systems. We created it because we love boating and we wanted a truly cost-effective way to get data off our boats and into a web-based medium where we could easily interact with it.

Your Boat, Connected.

FloatHub securely communicates information about the current state of your vessel to internet-based servers. Want to check the voltage of your starting battery? Compared to last week? From a coffee shop in Austin? While your boat swings on a mooring in the Chesapeake? No problem. That's exactly what FloatHub was designed to enable. And you can do it from any computer, phone, or tablet using only a browser.

Funded on KickStarter

FloatHub was funded on Kickstarter. The campaign began on July 1, 2017 and ran for three weeks until July 22, 2017. To see the campaign page, please click here.

Hardware Details

FloatHub is built around an off-the-shelf Arduino Mega micro-controller board. Together with the design of the enclosure, this exposes:

  • USB Port (quick power source, device configuration, etc.)
  • 9 Volt Power Connector (car lighter-type power adaptors)

Inside the device, a FloatHub Shield is attached to the Mega. It has a number of onboard components including:

  • Circuitry and Terminals for Directly Wired DC Power (12 volts)
  • GPS Chipset with Embedded Antenna
  • Ambient Temperature Sensor
  • Barometric Pressure Sensor
  • Voltage Monitoring of (up to) 3 Battery Banks
  • Voltage Monitoring of (up to) 3 Charging Sources (Solar Panels, Wind Generators, etc.)
  • On/Off Monitoring of (up to) 3 Pumps (Timing, Duration, etc.)
  • NMEA-0183 Input from Onboard Instruments (Depth, Wind Speed, etc.)
  • NMEA-0183 Output (Repeated and Generated Data to Chartplotter, DSC-VHF, etc.)
  • Status Indicator for GPS Fix
  • Status Indicator for Communications Uplink

All FloatHub devices have WiFi connectivity. There is also a model which adds cellular connectivity.

Select Features

We use a simple line-oriented data protocol (PDF) to send information from the device up to the web. Some of the items monitored and possible uses are:

  • Smart movement detection limits bandwidth when vessel is moored, automatically increases frequency when in motion.
  • Sample-based messages occur at regular intervals and include latest status of all monitored systems.
  • Point-in-time messages are triggered by events (e.g. Pump On) allowing analysis and alerts based on duration and/or frequency.
  • Create automated alerts if vessel leaves predetermined area (anchor dragging, unauthorized use, etc.)
  • Track battery status over time and trigger alerts if house, starter, genset, or other battery falls below a user-determined threshhold.
  • Watch pump activity and compare against historic norms.
  • Automatically generate a route track every time your boat leaves the dock or pulls up anchor.
  • Remotely verify that charging systems are working and see voltage output in real time.
  • Device understands and will include data from many NMEA compliant sources including Water Depth, Wind Speed/Direction, Speed through Water, etc.
  • All transmitted data is encoded (AES) using a unique key that is resident on the device and set at configuration time.
  • Arduino-based and running open source code (GitHub), FloatHub is eminently user hackable and extensible.


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